Category Topics


We will post governance proposals here. Please ask us any questions and use this space to debate the content of each proposal.


Discussion about this site, Nexus Mutual system, website and app; their organisation, how they work, and how we can improve them.

Community Fund

A place for discussions on managing the community fund.

Community Fund grant proposals

Applications for grants from the Nexus Mutual Community Fund will be reviewed by the team and then published in this category for community discussion. We might include polls on here to determine specific criteria including how much NXM to award each project proposal.

Potential Protocol Changes

Propose or discuss potential changes to the protocol including new products, parameter changes, investment strategy, governance settings or anything else.

Nexus Updates

Welcome to the Nexus Newsletter category from the Community Team. Some members have asked for a regular email update but we really want to stay away from sending emails where possible. We do appreciate that not everyone spends lots of time on Discord and Telegram so this space will be used for fortnightly summaries of what’s been going on.

Risk Analysis

Share information, analysis and reports on risks to assist Risk Assessors to make informed staking decisions.

Claims assessment

When new claims come in we will post information on the related event here and update it as it becomes available.

Risk in DeFi

A forum to discuss categorisation of risk in DeFi and on specific protocols.