2023-08-15 Governance Roundup

Welcome to the first ever Governance Roundup—your best and most concise source on the recent developments in the future of risk sharing.

We’ll use this space to notify members of upcoming governance actions, big news and everything Nexus Mutual-related!

Tokenomics :moneybag:

This week, we’re happy to announce that the Tokenomics project is moving forward well. We’re starting with discussions on liquidity parameters.

As you might remember, the last three weeks were where the DAO team members Rei and BraveNewDeFi created educational resources for our community. Further, they had held office hours twice per week to let any member ask any open questions about the new tokenomics approach with the Ratcheting Automated Market Maker mechanism.

If you haven’t already, please review the RAMM Education Guide, too.

Community Call on 29 August 9am EST / 1pm UTC :busts_in_silhouette:

Join in to our next bi-weekly community call on Tuesday (29 August): Mark your calendars!

We hold our calls on the Nexus Mutual Discord, in the Community Calls voice channel.

If you missed the previous community calls, don’t worry! You can find all the previous episodes on the Nexus Mutual YouTube channel.

Partnership with Chaos Labs :handshake:

Nexus Mutual will be partnering with Chaos Labs for an independent economic audit of the new tokenomics design, including an assessment of the new proposed mechanism, manipulation resistance analyses and parameter optimization. You can read the initial announcement in Rei’s latest tokenomics update. More information will follow this week.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this forum post.

Have a great week! :turtle:

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