2023-08-31 Governance Roundup

Welcome to the second Governance Roundup — the concise source for updates within the Nexus Mutual community, including upcoming governance actions, the latest developments, and everything else about the future of risk sharing!

We’re still designing this roundup’s format and content. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please post on the Feedback section on the Nexus Mutual Forum!

Tokenomics :speech_balloon:

The Part 1 Liquidity Parameters discussion concluded last week, and this week the Part 2 discussion begins.

From now until 17 September, members will participate in the Part 2 discussion to review the parameters, analyze R&D’s simulation and modeling of different potential parameters and how they impact the RAMM (to be shared imminently), and share our respective thoughts on the parameters that would help members’ achieve the outcomes that were discussed during the Part 1 discussion.

Weekly Analysis

The next issue of The Hedge, Nexus Mutual’s monthly newsletter, will be published on September 7th - stay tuned!

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for our next Community Call on the Nexus Mutual Discord on Tuesday (12 September) at 1pm UTC!

Have a great week! :turtle:

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