2023-11 Week 2: The Last Week in Review | 13 – 19 November 2023

In the last week, the mutual sold $2.5m USD worth of cover and earned $4.4k USD in fees, as outlined below.

The weighted average expiry period is 38 days. In other words, the current active covers will expire within an average of 38 days. You may view the full list of active covers on the DAO-maintained Covers Data Dashboard on Dune.

Active Cover as of 20 November 2023

Total active cover stands at $38.1m with active coverage by cover type and by staking pool as follows. All the below data point screenshots are made from the Covers Data Dashboard.

:arrow_right: You may read more about the current product portfolio offered by Nexus Mutual and take a look at the cover wordings in the Nexus Mutual Documentation.

:arrow_right: You may find the active staking pools on the Nexus Mutual UI. Members staking NXM is vital to our protocol. To learn more about staking, take a look at our documentation.