About the Ease category

Ease | Staking Pools 3 & 4

The Ease team serves as the staking pool manager for Pool 3 and Pool 4, which are both public pools that accept delegations of staked NXM from members.

You can read the Ease Risk Rubric to learn about the risk framework for these two staking pools.

How to communicate with the Ease team

Members can reach out to the Ease team on the forum within the #staking-pools:ease subcategory, as well as in the other channels below.

Members can reach out to the Ease team with any questions on Discord, Telegram, or the Ease forum.

@Chris_Ease is the lead for Ease’s Nexus Mutual staking pools and Ease Risk Rubric—members can also reach out to Chris directly on Discord (Christachio#9533) or Telegram (@Christachio) with any questions.