Bootnode Resource Update

Hi Members

Wanted to share an update on Bootnode and the recently passed Covered Vaults (Development) proposal. See here: Snapshot

The original plan was for Bootnode to develop the covered vaults code immediately but a few items have come up that means it makes sense to delay this work by a few months:

  1. The core team’s biggest priority is shipping V2, and the the core team would benefit from additional resources to bring test coverage up as high as possible.
  2. Covered vaults require V2 to be launched to functionally work.
  3. The Bootnode team are already up to speed on the Nexus v2 contracts due to their earlier work.

So it makes sense to delay the implementation of the covered vaults, and utilise the allocated Bootnode resources for testing purposes instead. The funding of these resources will come from the Nexus Foundation, so the only change wrt to the snapshot vote is expected timing. Bootnode will still build the covered vaults, but work will start after they’ve completed support work on V2.

I also want to highlight that the Bootnode team have been amazing here, they’ve been super accommodating and supportive behind the scenes. The core team has really benefited from having a flexible, knowledgeable additional resource to get the core protocol where it needs to be.

Bootnode and the core team will come back with updated timing for the covered vaults once we’ve progressed further and have more clarity.

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