Capacity marketing

I was thinking of building an automated bot that would advertise capacity through twitter. The idea is to advertise where there is capacity within mutual to increase cover sales by notifying people who previously wanted to purchase cover but couldn’t because the contract was at capacity, or simply advertising to new customers that they can buy cover.

Some ideas of triggers that would provide updates on the twitter:
- Significant policy expirations that increases cover capacity over some threshold.
- Significant amounts of new staking that increases cover capacity over some threshold.
Weekly update:
- Amount of cover available on most popular contracts.
- Any contracts that were unavailable last week that are now available and the amount of cover that can be purchased.

Would love feedback on the idea and any suggestions of what the content should be.


I absolutely love the idea! Please get in touch on discord / telegram if you have any blockers or questions on the technical side.

Great idea! I’m the creator of btw. Do you want to create a separate Twitter bot or merge resources under the same account?

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Thanks Rox I will do.

Would be great to merge resources I don’t think there is any need for a separate bot. Are you on discord?