Curve EURS Pool cover - how is it working?

I am quite new in DEFI, and I want to stake money on CURVE EURS POOL, and if possible to cover it with Nexus Mutual.

I understood I can select on Nexus app Curve, and then add ETH or DAI, but what is the link with EURS POOL or other pools ?

Thank you

Buying cover for Curve protects you for all pools - including EURS POOL

Thank you. I have 45000 euros in defi on bsc but i am interested buy Curve also. Do you know where i can find information on how nexus work ?
It is not clear to me that i have to buy eurs pool to protect with eth on nexus… thank you

Guide on how to buy cover with nexus : How to: buy cover - Nexus Mutual

If you want to protect your 45000€, you will have to buy cover for the ETH equivalent. So at 2300€/ETH → 45000/2300 = ~20 ETH.

So select Curve contract on Nexus → set up the duration that you want → 20 ETH coverage. It will cost you 2.6%/year (so 0.216% if you want coverage for only 1 month).