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Hi! I’m Aman from DeepDAO. This proposal is about how DeepDAO can help Nexus Mutual with user acquisition and general awareness within the web3 ecosystem.

DeepDAO is a DAO discovery engine that features 10k+ DAOs and has profiles of 5M+ DAO token holders. This is Nexus Mutual’s profile on DeepDAO. You can see that it has multiple layers of info about the treasury, governance & members (more of this is accessible through our API)

Being the leading data provider in the DAO ecosystem, our audience includes highly active DAOists, DAO-curious, as well as web3 journalists, investors and other outlets.

By creating campaigns on DeepDAO, Nexus can target those users visiting our homepage, the pages of other listed DAOs and on the people’s profile pages (for example, here is someone in many large DeFi DAOs- insurance might be very appealing to this person).

This is a great opportunity to efficiently target & onboard the power users of the web3 ecosystem across communities, protocols and blockchains. By centering our data on participation in DAOs, DeepDAO has managed to accumulate the most influential list of people in the web3 ecosystem. This greatly reduces churn and improves the quality of campaigns.

Cost of Ads: $1500 for a 4-week Campaign

What you get: Banners on our main page + profiles of DAO members + the people page. All banners are clickable and can lead to your dApp or any special campaigns you are running.

Please let me know what you think of the idea!

what the amount of unique visitors, and click through on ads? eg. how many people end up clicking and converting on ads… prob close to zero, although think what could make sense is exploring a sort of nexus affiliate/referral link, where people can earn parts of the insurance premium for referring customers, would be more outcome aligned… cc @BraveNewDeFi

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Hey @amanwithwings,

Thanks for reaching out. I’d say the timing isn’t right for any advertising opportunities given Nexus Mutual V2 has yet to launch. This might be a conversation worth having in 3-6 months time.

However, I’d be curious to know:

  • Can you tell me about DeepDAO’s search traffic metrics?
    • How many users are visiting the site every day?
    • Tell me about the users visiting DeepDAO: where are users based, how long do they spend on the site, do you know if the site is actively used by DAO members or primarily by people conducting research?
  • On past ad campaigns, what are conversation rates, click-through rates like?
  • Any other data to help start a discussion on this advertising package?

I’m not sure this is the right fit for the mutual, but I’m open to hearing more about this opportunity. In any event, this wouldn’t be something the DAO communications, marketing team would act on until later in 2023 once a marketing strategy for V2 is finalized.

Looking forward to your response!

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