Delegated staking

Are there any plans to have delegated staking? I am not an Insurance Risk Assessor and don’t have the time/skills to adequately assess smart contract risk. I would feel more comfortable delegating that task to someone who is and paying them a fraction of my yield. Perhaps such an assessor could work in conjunction with an auditor such as Quantstamp. I would delegate more of my NXM stake (currently 10%) if this was available.


Same here. Would love to be staking with more professionals on board. There was a discussion on enticing the auditors and it seems like it won’t be a problem on the regulation side. Any progress on that front?

I believe this is key in boosting the willingness of people to stake and might just solve the staking bottleneck problem.

There are a few quick fixes that was mentioned in discussion before to help stakers have better information, such as covers queuing system that signal demands, we can even open this up to new protocols that want us to list them.

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That’s a really nice idea! “Professional Risk Assessors”, with track record and such… I’d vote for this. Though not the greatest priority at this point in time.

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