Does AAVE V2 cover polygon network failure?

I’m interested in buying AAVE V2 coverage. but It’s not clear from the description if smart contract failure include the base blockchain failure if I use polygon? I know polygon is a little more riskier than Ethereum, but it’s cheaper gas fee. That’s why I 'm considering switching my assets from Ethereum into Polygon. However what happens if Polygon gets hacked and my assets were lost not because of any faults of AAVE, but the polygon network itself fails? Will I be covered for that event?

Protocol Cover protects against risks within a protocols smart contract system regardless of which chain it is deployed on. Each policy provides cross-chain protection.

Protocol Cover does not protect against losses caused by the underlying network (see item #9 under Exclusions in Protocol Cover wording).

The following risks are covered:

  • Code being used in an unintended way
  • Economic design failure
  • Severe oracle failure
  • Governance Attacks
  • Protection for assets on Layer 2 solutions
  • Protection for non-Ethereum smart contracts
  • Protection for a protocol across multiple chains

You can read more about Protocol Cover in the Nexus documentation.


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