Dune Wizard - DAO Contributor Role

We’re looking for a regular contributor to the DAO to replace our outgoing Dune Wizard. If you’re interested, read through the role description and apply below.

About us: Nexus Mutual is the leading onchain cover provider and risk marketplace, protecting members against financial risks in crypto and beyond. The Nexus Mutual DAO is the community of teams, working groups, stakers, cover holders and active members who support the growth of the Nexus Mutual protocol and ecosystem.

About the role: We are looking for a Dune Wizard to create new Dune Analytics dashboards and maintain the existing Dune dashboards already built by the Nexus Mutual DAO. The role will be part of the Nexus Mutual DAO Research & Development team, working closely with the Head of R&D. The Dune dashboards built by the DAO are the main way in which protocol information is available, including onchain state and user activity. This information is widely used by other contributors, members and anyone else with an interest in Nexus Mutual.


  • Maintain functionality of existing dashboards when issues are discovered or when there are changes made to the protocol
  • Optimise the query code and create new Dune Spells and contribute to existing Dune Spells as required to minimise wait times when running queries.
  • Write new queries to add features to existing dashboards and create new dashboards
  • Work with the Foundation Engineering team to ensure the protocol’s smart contract code allows extraction of relevant data via Dune.

Budget & Commitments:

  • Remote
  • Part-time, expecting 10-20 hours of work per month
  • Hourly rate depending on ability and experience, with significant portion paid in (w)NXM
  • Rolling budget extension approved every 6 months via Nexus Mutual DAO governance process. Current budget source here.


  • Excellent understanding of and ability to write SQL
  • Knowledge of and previous experience with the Dune Analytics platform
  • Ability to read and understand Solidity smart contracts
  • Understanding of the basics of EVM transactions
  • Ability to work and overcome problems independently
  • Adaptability to changing circumstances and priorities
  • Ability to communicate clearly with technical and non-technical audiences


  • Experience of interacting with the Nexus Mutual protocol
  • Understanding of smart contract design patterns

How to apply:

Apply here.