EigenLayer now listed in the Nexus Mutual UI

EigenLayer now listed in the Nexus Mutual UI

If you’re an active EigenLayer user, you can now purchase EigenLayer Protocol Cover to protect LSTs restaked within the EigenLayer protocol!

With EigenLayer Protocol Cover, you can protect against:

  • Smart contract code being used in an unintended way (e.g., exploits, hacks)
  • Sudden and severe economic events, such as:
    • Oracle manipulation/failure
    • Severe liquidation failures
    • Governance attacks

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About EigenLayer

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security. This primitive enables the reuse of ETH on the consensus layer. Users that stake ETH natively or with a liquid staking token (LST) can opt-in to EigenLayer smart contracts to restake their ETH or LST and extend cryptoeconomic security to additional applications on the network to earn additional rewards.

Learn more about EigenLayer by reading through their documentation and exploring the EigenLayer website.

This is very cool indeed. But how do mere NXM stakers know which Syndicates have or will have exposure? Where do we look?

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Hey @GordonGekko,
You can either look in Stake section of the Nexus Mutual UI and look at the pool managers; OR

You can go to the EigenLayer cover buy page, click on Advanced Details in the Summary section, look at the global capacity, and enter a little less than the global capacity in the Amount field under the Quote section.

You’ll end up seeing the capacity available from each staking pool–this is typically the fastest way to see who is offering capacity for a cover product.

See the Curve example below, where multiple pool managers are staked against Curve Protocol Cover.

If you do the same for EigenLayer, you can see that Pool 2 is the only pool providing capacity for EigenLayer at the moment.

If you want to see which staking pool managers have sold cover for what products, you can look under the Full List of V2 Covers section of the Covers Dune dashboard and filter by staking pool.

The R&D team is also working to finalize the Staking Dune dashboard, so that will be available in the near future, too.

Thanks. I am somewhat in Pool 2 so all good.

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