[Grant Proposal] Creating short videos to improve onboarding into Nexus Mutual

The following is a grant proposal for creating seven videos to improve prospects onboarding into Nexus Mutual.

Detailed Description of the Grant Request:
DeFi will be massively adopted in the future. Cover products such as Nexus Mutual are critical to making it happen.
Since Nexus Mutual products are different from what we know today, I believe market education is a must; thus, content such as documentation (which is very good), “How to” guides, “Step by Step” videos, etc., are critical.

As I recently took a deeper dive into Nexus Mutual, it took me a few days to completely wrap my head around its concepts, mechanics, and operations.
We need to reduce this time to minutes.

This is why I am proposing a grant to create seven short videos (a detailed description will follow) for explaining Nexmus Mutual to a potential new member in just a few minutes.

Example Video Link:
Note: The video is only for demonstration purposes

How will your project benefit the Nexus Mutual Ecosystem?
This project goal is to reduce the time a new potential member understands the concepts, mechanics, and logic around Nexus Mututal, thus improving the conversion from prospects to members, which means an increase in adoption.

A detailed description of the content for each video
The seven videos will be on the following topics:

  1. The basics of Nexus Mutual - A high-level video explaining the need, the solution, the different actors, etc. - https://vimeo.com/804679712/e545584bb1
  2. An overview of Nexus mutual - A deeper dive into the various actors, incentives, and how everything works together.
    The following three Videos explain the system from the point of view of the different actors.
  3. Cover holder
  4. Risk Assessor
  5. Claim Assessor
    The final two videos will go over the followings:
  6. Governance process
  7. About the NXM Token - It would be best to articulate the new mechanism if and when it is decided.

The suggested process and timeline:
I will create the videos in two phases:

  1. Writing a detailed script for each video
  2. Animate the script (As seen in the example video)

After phase 1, the team (or a group member) will approve the detailed scripts before moving to phase 2.

Phase 1 will take up to a month to deliver.
Phase 2 will take up to two months to deliver from when phase 1 is all approved.

How much are you requesting for the grant?
I request an amount of 200NXM for the entire series of seven videos.

About Me:
My name is Yarin Podoler, and I am an experienced entrepreneur.
I sold my previous company, TestCraft Technologies, to PE in early 2020 and am currently part of a revolutionary Web3 security startup.
Recently purchased 6K cover product for dYdX and started participating in claim assessment.
I hold a BS.c in computer science and studying towards MA in economics.

Disclaimer: I propose this grant as an individual. I will do it as a side project because I believe Nexus Mutual is a critical part of the future of finance.

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Those videos look a bit like generic fiverr videos, just important that we deliver something that is much better than whats already out there, otherwise worse than not doing it imo, so would only support this proposal if the execution is outstanding

Hi @vincentj ,
Thank you very much for your response.

I completely agree!
We need to aim to do something than is excellent rather than generic.

To do so, we need to tackle the scripts and animation.
As I proposed, phase 1 will be the scripts, and we will iterate over them until we get the desired result. (This will require someone from Nexus Mutual to work with and get feedback)

As for phase 2, this is trickier.
We can break it into two parts by working only on the first video, elements, scene, etc., to lay the foundations for the other videos and only then move forward with the other ones.

To sum it up,
We want something great done on this front, and we can make it happen.
I will emphasize that it will require someone to work with on Nexus Mutual’s front (preferably on the marketing side) to make it happen.

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Hi @podoler,

Thank you for your proposal.

I’m leading Marketing at Nexus Mutual together with @BraveNewDeFi and @Kayleigh-NexusMutual and other contributors.

Agreed and conscious we need to grow our content production.

However, as we are about to launch V2, we will revise our content strategy straight after V2 is launched. Strategy will inform the necessary written and video content.

With that consideration, we don’t think it’s the right time to start producing video content.

In addition to the above, the proposed sample/style isn’t of the quality we want to present with the Nexus Mutual brand.

The Marketing team would not support this grant request if this were transitioned to a vote.

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Hi @Claudio , @BraveNewDeFi and Kayleigh-NexusMutual
Thank you for your prompt response.

I completely understand what you say about the roadmap and timing. It makes sense.

As for the quality, this is a concept video. We could have taken it in many different directions to fit the brand.

I will withdraw the grant proposal as it only makes sense to go with it if the marketing team is on board with the idea.

I am a big believer in the future of DeFi. Nexus Mutual has a significant role there.
Feel free to contact me in Discord or LinkedIn if you think I could help in any way once V2 goes live.