[Grant Proposal] DAOsign<>Nexus Mutual

Name of the project: DAOsign

Description: DAOsign offers a decentralized, cryptographic solution that allows DAOs to create, sign, and verify agreements with authorized proofs-of-signature, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of their contracts.
With our platform’s extensible Agreement Management System, workstream automation, and Smart Contracts integration, as well as our flexible Signer Identity Verification System and NFT-based Signer Authority Verification System, DAOsign provides a reliable and efficient way for DAOs to manage their agreements.

How will your project benefit the Nexus Mutual Ecosystem? We believe that DAOsign can bring significant benefits to the Nexus Mutual ecosystem. It can help automate and streamline the claims process for Nexus Mutual members, allowing for faster and more efficient claims resolution. By facilitating more transparent and secure governance processes, the tool can make the decision-making processes within the DAO more trustworthy and auditable. DAOsign can also increase trust and security within the ecosystem. Additionally, our tool can help to increase member engagement within the Nexus Mutual ecosystem, allowing members to participate in the governance process meaningfully.

What problem are you solving? DAOsign addresses the need for a secure, transparent, and efficient way for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to manage and automate agreements.
Traditional methods of signing agreements, such as paper-based systems or legacy e-signatures, are prone to fraud and lack transparency and offer no solution for verification of the signer’s identity or signer’s authority to execute the agreement. Instead, these systems rely on costly legal proceedings to enforce agreements.
DAOsign combines proof-of-agreement, proof-of-signature, and proof of authority into a publicly verifiable cryptographic proof enabling secure, transparent, and automated processing of complex agreements and smart contracts.

Team Info:
Eugene Fine
Role: CEO & Founder
Bio: Over 20 years of building, scaling, and managing technology organizations. Also, Eugene is a founder at CIDT and DAOsign.

Ramil Amerzyanov
Role: CTO
Bio: 12+ years in building complex enterprise solutions (all SDLC aspects), including 7+ years in Blockchain industry.

Misha Kushka
Role: Technical Lead
Bio: Winner of blockchain hackathons. 6+ years of professional experience as a developer, 4+ years of professional experience in the Blockchain industry, and4+ years in leading positions.

Oleksandra Burmenska
Role: Business Development Director
Bio: Engineering and MBA diplomas. Over a decade of experience in IT: development and managerial positions, last five years focused on the Blockchain industry.

$50 000

Contact Info:
Email: [email protected]

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