[Grant Proposal] Nexus Mutual Monthly Financial Reporting

Name : Asymmetric Defi

Detailed Description of the Grant Request :
Provide Monthly Reports about the Financial State of the Mutual. The reports would include : Revenues, Expenses, Treasury Analysis, Competition Analysis, Macro Trends Analysis …

How will your project benefit the Nexus Mutual Ecosystem?
Inform the community about what’s going on with the Mutual financially and how it is impacted by crypto trends & news.

How much are you requesting for the grant?
12k USD (paid in Stables or wNXM) for 12 Monthly Reports (1k USD per Report)

Other Information :
The Mutual already has Financial Statements on Dune, why do we need this ?
I think that the current Financial Statements on Dune are static. The reports I propose, will be accompanied with comments & insights that allow the community to be more infiormed about the state of the Mutual.

The reports would be similar to what I produce for Uniswap.

Asymmetric Defi is both Uniswap & Aave Grantee

dont think its necessary or that insightful for that price… would rather be supportive of improving https://nexustracker.io/ to automatically collect more data and monthly data… but think uniswap or aave also have a relatively bigger treasury…

1k USD is reasonable given the efforts and time that go into producing these reports.

The objective is to aggregate data from all sources including the dune dashboards, Nexus tracker, build new data queries … and produce a document that will be shared with the community here on the forum on a monthly basis under a “Finance” category.

The reports will be the go to for anyone in the community to know what’s going on with the mutual on a monthly basis similar to what’s produced by traditional firms for their investors.

Not eveyone likes or have the time to go looking into multiple dashboards and data sources to know how much the mutual made last month. The objective of these reports is to be enough and not need to look elsewhere. If the community needs new metrics to be added, they will be added (if possible ofc).

What I mean by comments & insights is the link between the Mutual’s performance and the broader crypto industry. The reports will be commented to help the readers digest the numbers.

think current newsletter, and bots do a good enough job on this, and as said, would be rather in favor of grants to improve https://nexustracker.io/

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Requested Budget Breakdown : 1k/Month as Compensation for my time & efforts and to pay for any potential subscriptions (Token Terminal costs 350 USD/Month & Dune’s most popular plan costs 420 USD/Month for example).

Some community members that are being funded from the marketing hub are already building Dune dashboards to enhance and potentially replace the nexustracker. So I consider this duplicate work that’s not necessary.

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Agreed and excited for the dune dashboard! Is there a link to the dune dashboard already? Also prefer the mutual funding people to build tech that would serve this data in perpetuity, can be forked and improved and only needs to be built once vs paying for regular reports

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Thank you both for your responses! The direction chosen seems resaonable, so I withdraw my proposal.
Moderators can close this topic if necessary.
Looking forward to collaborate with the mutual on other topics!


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