Insurance to Assess Regulatory Risk in Prospera

Hi friends - I’m new to the community (I’m hanging out in Zuzalu / Montenegro right now, Vitalik’s pop-up city and someone from the Ethereum community recommended me to post here)

I’m working on a quite daunting challenge: replace government regulatory monopoly with competitive insurance markets that assess regulatory risk.

The idea is that this way we can better price in specific risks individuated to businesses, and avoid creating regulatory bottlenecks.

This idea has been pioneered by the legal scholar Tom W. Bell who developed the Ulex open source legal system

Now the great thing is we have a jurisdiction that is using Ulex as the basis for it’s law - the problem is we don’t have a competitive insurance market yet and I’m looking for entrepreneurs to help build it

The jurisdiction is on the Caribbean island of Roatan, and it’s called Prospera (check Scott Alexander’s work on Prospera for background).

If that mission intrigues you, I’d love to invite you to any of the following builders’ conferences

Decentralizing Finance 2023 - A Próspera Builders’ Summit, May 5-7 on Roatan:

Legal Engineering 2023 - A Próspera Builders’ Summit, May 10-11 on Roatan: Legal Engineering 2023 - A Prospera Builders’ Summit · Luma

Happy to answer any related questions


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