Insuring $5m VitaDAO Treasury through Nexus (y crv-stETH, yUSD..)

I’m currently drafting the proposal to invest most of our $5,1m VitaDAO Treasury into yearn stable and stETH pools and we would like to insure it through Nexus by buying wNXM and buying cover. Is this already possible natively without KYC ( doesn’t seem to offer cover for yearn). Or is it legally ok if someone of our members KYCs and buys the cover through our multisig?

Also is yCRV-STETH insurance covering the case that stETH would decouple meaningfully from its value?

Hi @vincentj I run BD & Partnerships at Nexus and can run you through the ways to purchase cover for your treasury. Can you PM/DM me with your contact details? Thanks! Ricky

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