Introducing Hugh Karp, Nexus Mutual Founder and Pool Manager for Staking Pool 2


Hugh Karp is the founder of Nexus Mutual, which launched in 2019, and he manages Staking Pool 2.

@Hugh completed this questionnaire, which members can review to learn more about the Hugh, his staking pool and how he manages his pool.

Can you introduce yourself for members who may not be familiar with your staking pool?

I’m Hugh Karp, the founder of Nexus Mutual.

Can you describe your staking pool’s strategy in one or two sentences?

It’s my personal staking pool that I use primarily to help grow the wider protocol, adding capacity where I see specific opportunities.

How frequently do you review and reassess the pricing and capacity parameters for the cover products you underwrite?

On an ad-hoc basis when I have the time. If you’re looking for a professionally managed staking pool with rigorous analysis, this pool is not for you.

As a pool manager, what is your approach to adding new products to your pool, whether it’s a completely new cover product or a new listing for an existing product?

Relatively opportunistic as particular cover buyers appear and market opportunities present themselves.

Do you have any plans to develop an application or distribution network that utilizes your staking pool?


How and with what frequency will you provide updates to the NXM stakers that delegate to your pool?

Very infrequently.

How can prospective and/or current NXM stakers communicate with you?

In the #staking-pools:hugh-karps-personal-staking-pool category on the forum and in the Nexus Mutual Discord server.

Any other thoughts that you’d like to share?

I’m not specifically seeking NXM delegations to my pool, but I am leaving it open as an option for mutual members.

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