Is there support somewhere?

Is there support for Nexus Mutual? I joined, got KYC verified and I am trying to convert wNXM to NXM and the link on your website takes me to an error page. How do I do this last step?

There is support on Nexus’ Discord and Telegram servers

if the Nexus Wrapper is giving you trouble, you can try the following two approaches:

  1. Use the old version of the Nexus Wrapper. It’s ugly but still works: wNXM Token
  2. Connect to the wNXM contract and wrap/unwrap manually:

Let me know if you’re still having issues with these two fixes. You can jump in the Nexus Discord for more help or tag me here.

Thanks for your help. I did the option 1 yesterday and the transaction
is STILL pending 20 hours later - what do I do now? Here is the transaction ID: 0x4b17142827dd371c7e7f87b8e4c9ea5c74fe2c3ba09f142381b0a40b023b02a7

They SURE do make it hard to buy NXM!

You’ve put the gas price at 1 gwei, and that is very, very low. You would need to submit a txn with a gas fee that is closer to the base fee + priority fee to have it included in a block. You can see the gas tracker here:

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I didn’t put that, the system that did the transaction did it. I don’t know how to change the gas fee in a transaction but I did see something in my wallet about speeding up the transaction. I will try that and lyk. The gas fees are super high right now, I will wait until they drop and try it and see if it come thru. Thanks SO much for your help! What an ORDEAL trying to buy NXM - they would prolly have a LOT more investors if they streamlined simplified the process a great deal!

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