$MUTANT for Shield Mining + Secondary Protection Mechanism

A few weeks ago, community has created and airdropped $MUTANT tokens to most Nexus Mutants: https://etherscan.io/token/0xBb1751228c1D8bfD5deFA97cbA36336353F70f26.

We are proposing to distribute remaining $MUTANT tokens to high-demand protocols that are currently limited by staking via shield mining.

Andre was supportive that a new token, in this case $MUTANT, could be used as a secondary insurance incentive to protect NXM holders. $MUTANT could essentially duplicate Nexus model as a protection for $NXM itself.

Alternatively, we could start from scratch by liquidity mining a new token for fairer distribution.

Would love to hear some thoughts. Thanks!


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How does the MUTANT token have any value to generate an APY for stakers?

Nobody will support anything unless it is a fair starting point.

There is broad support for re-insurance (layers of insurance)

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Yep, needs to be a fair starting point, not just who happened to be on twitter that day. But yes, Iā€™m down for more layers

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IF we are doing re-insurance with a token it should be created for that purpose and distributed fairly.

Reusing a token that were airdropped to ~86 people is not the way to go about this.