New Membership Process

Hello all, I just paid the membership fee looking to be a part of the fund and also buy some Nexus Mutual Tokens. It charged me for the membership fee but still says I am not a member when my wallet is connected. Does it take time to process the payment? Where do I go to fill out the KYC information? Can someone please advise, thanks.

When you sign up for membership through the Nexus Mutual dApp (Nexus Mutual), you are prompted to pay the membership fee and through this prompt, you’ll be directed to provide KYC information. Once you submit your KYC information, the process usually takes between 24-48hrs.

There’s a section on Membership within the Nexus documentation, and you can check the status of your membership using the section from the docs.

Hi, thanks for your reply. It never led me anywhere to provide KYC info after I paid for the membership and gas fees. Even of the app dropdown it said that the payment was a success for the fee but I never took me anywhere for the kyc and I cant find any links. Any suggestions?

It should be right on the page where you paid for membership. You execute the membership transaction, and you should be able to provide KYC information after you pay the fee.

If you’re still having difficulty, let me know. Leave a follow up message on this thread, and, if I don’t respond in a timely fashion, reach out to me on Twitter. We’ll get this sorted so you can protect your productive assets!

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