New smarcontracts to cover?


I’m writing this here because I don’t know where to put it and Discord doesn’t seem to me to be the most suitable, everything disappears very quickly.

So here is a proposal for new contracts that might be covered by NXM :

  • : the same principle as Yearn, this seems to have been audited.
  • : same as harvest. There has been some problem few weeks ago but YFV seems to have been audited too.
  • sushiswap : I don’t figure out why it’s not available, the contract is now finalized.
  • OMG and xDai (smartcontract parts)
  • HEGIC : call/put options on ETH, when the 888 version and audit are available (10/10).

I have no other idea at the moment :sweat_smile:

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Also DODO Exchange is one that a lot of people would buy cover for. It’s a novel AMM that uses a PPM (Proactive Market Maker) and allows one sided pool deposits (though currently still need to fix their formulas to prevent frontrunning). However, it is backed by Framework Ventures.
For more details:

They also have their own governace token, DODO (, so they could also provide shield mining.

P.S. I’ve also spoken to them on Discord and forwarded this post.


i second the proposal for dodo!

there’s clear demand and i will be happy to stake on the contract.

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HEGIC v888 is audited and online.

It would be great to add cover to this SC

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