Newsletter - 21st October 2021

Official News

Cover Buys: Week in Review (11 Oct to 17 Oct)


Premiums Earned: Week in Review (11 Oct to 17 Oct)


Cover Sold: $50,407,672.92
Premiums Earned: $256,520.90
Biggest Cover Buy:

Shield Mining Campaigns

Pangolin | 0.25 USDC/NXM Staked
Visor | 0.16 VISR/NXM Staked

Newly Listed Protocols

Nexus Mutual has listed Centrifuge Tinlake (, Rari Capital (, and Pangolin ( this week. Any Risk Assessors with NXM to spare can evaluate these protocols and stake accordingly.

Upcoming Twitter Spaces

On Thursday, 28 October @ 11am EST, we’ll host the next instalment in our Risk in DeFi Series. We’ll be joined by Stefan from @reflexerfinance & Robert from @LiquityProtocol to learn how $RAI & $LUSD maintain price stability. We’ll talk more about stablecoins, as well.

Opportunities to Get Involved

If you’re someone with actuarial, legal writing, or data analysis skills, jump in to our Discord server and reach out to get involved. For the current products in development, the mutual could use members with these skill sets to help get these products to market.

Mutant Meetup Recording

The mutual holds a weekly community call on Tuesdays at 10am EST in the Nexus Discord where we talk about Nexus related updates and talk about all things Nexus Mutual.

If you missed this week’s call, you can listen to the recording here: Recording

Using wNXM to Save on Premiums

@BraveDeFi wrote a guide on how to use the wNXM discount to your advantage when you buy cover. Members can buy wNXM at a discount, unwrap to NXM, and pay for premiums with NXM to secure more affordable cover premiums.

Save 50%+ on Nexus Mutual Cover Premiums: How to use wNXM to Your Advantage

Investment Charter and Goals

Today, Rei posted our finalized Investment Hub Charter and the Objectives and Budget for the coming months.

Read the charter

Read the objectives

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