Newsletter - 27th November 2021

Official News

Week in Review (15th - 21st Nov)

New Shield Mining

Notional Finance ( is incentivizing stakers through their new shield mining campaign. Notional is a protocol on Ethereum that facilitates fixed-rate, fixed-term crypto asset lending and borrowing through a novel financial instrument called fCash.

10,000 $NOTE will be awarded to Nexus Risk Assessors at a rate of 0.03 NOTE/NXM staked on a weekly basis.

Other Active Campaigns

Popsicle Finance

645.25 ICE Remaining in Shield Mining Pool

0.00700 ICE/NXM staked

Premia Finance

10,546.62 PREMIA remaining in Shield Mining Pool

0.05000 PREMIA/NXM staked

Convex stethCrv (cvxstethCrv) YTC

638.46 CVX remaining in Shield Mining Pool

0.00800 CVX/NXM staked

Convex 3CRV (cvx3CRV) YTC

695.29 CVX remaining in Shield Mining Pool

0.00800 CVX/NXM staked

Convex mimCrv (cvxmimCrv) YTC

718.45 CVX remaining in Shield Mining Pool

0.00800 CVX/NXM staked

Anchor and Convex Capacity!

Two of our most popular protocols now have significant capacity. Now is the time to buy, before the capacity disappears again!

Claim 103: Another CREAM V1 claim filed, accepted, and paid out

Another CREAM v1 claim had been filed, the community has accepted it and it’s already been paid out. This is yet more proof that the Nexus Mutual model works, to protect DeFi users against smart contract risk!

Exclusive POAP

On 27 October 2021, Cream Finance suffered an economic exploit that led to a loss of ~$130m worth of assets from the Ethereum market.

Members who received a successful claim payout from Nexus Mutual are able to claim this exclusive POAP.

This symbolises the mutual’s dedication to protecting DeFi users against smart contract and technical risks, so users can put their assets to work and earn in DeFi.

Hugh Karp interviewed on Show Me the Crypto

Hugh, the founder of Nexus Mutual, was interviewed recently. You can watch the replay here: DeFi's Alternative to Insurance - Hugh Karp (Founder of Nexus Mutual): Episode 48 - YouTube

Mutant Meetup Recording

You missed our weekly Mutant Meetup again anon? Jeeze…

Don’t forget, it’s Tuesday at 10am EST, every week!

Lucky for you, we made a recording. Here ya go: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Dopeee (me!) Joins Nexus

I’ve joined Nexus Mutual full-time as a Business Analyst.

I’m a member of the Investment Hub, a Discord Mod and create this weekly newsletter. Now, I’m on the core team. I’m looking forward to adding more value going forward.


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