Newsletter - 29th October 2021

Official News

Cover Buys: Week in Review (18 Oct to 24 Oct)

Premiums Earned: Week in Review (18 Oct to 24 Oct)

Total Cover Sold: $41,075,760.08
Total Premiums Earned: $344,629.42

Top 5 By Total Cover Buys

  1. Convex Finance: $9,347,806

  2. Curve: $7,642,411

  3. Aave V2: $7,008,868

  4. Rari Capital: $5,158,790

  5. DODO Exchange: $4,244,053

Investment Hub

Investment Hub Objectives and Budget

Investment Hub Charter

If you haven’t read the objectives and charter yet… today is the day! These will be going to Snapshot shortly for a final approval vote. We’ll share the link when it’s live.

The Mutant Chronicles

Our incredible NFT’s are now finished and live! Read the Twitter thread for all the details and don’t forget to claim them with a gas rebate while the offer stands.

Hackathon Winner!

Submission: Buying Cover Using wNXM

We have a winner! As part of our latest Hackathon, we awarded the prize to an incredible entry that allows users to purchase cover using wNXM, without need to unwrap. We hope this will reduce the barrier for cover buying, help more people to take advantage of the lower price using wNXM, and close the gap between the two tokens.

CREAM Exploit

By now, everyone should have seen the CREAM exploit that took place. Those who bought cover for CREAM v1 should submit a claim once the cool down period is up.

We encourage members to review available analysis/post mortems and discuss in our Claims Discussion channel in Discord.

The cool down period will end at 1:54pm EST today and claims can be submitted after that time.

Nexus has $8.7m of cover outstanding on CREAM, which is about 1.2% of our capital pool, a rather small amount.


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