Newsletter - 6th July 2021

Official News

  1. Two new custodians are available on Nexus Mutual. You can stake on them and if cover is available, purchase it to protect your investment.
  1. Two new yield tokens are available on Nexus Mutual. You can stake on them and if cover is available, purchase it to protect your investment.
  • Idle DAI v4 (idleDAIYield)
  • Idle USDT v4 (idleUSDTYield)

Community Discussions

Proposed Roadmap for Investment Hub

This detailed roadmap from @Rei and our investment hub outlines the key objectives for the near and long term, including what goals will need to be completed.

In this post you’ll find out more about each of the hub members and what they bring to Nexus Mutual. Want to know what the investment hub is and what is does? Read more here:

Hats collaboration: Next Steps

This is a proposal to move forward with the Nexus Mutual community <> Hats collaboration, the second step after the passing of consideration of collaboration 3 proposal.

@Hugh has given an interesting perspective that should stimulation conversation. Do we really need Hats, or can be expand our internal bounty program? Is there a better alternative to Hats?

PROGRESS UPDATE: Official Nexus Mutual NFTs

3 of the 7 official Nexus NFTs have been delivered.

We have approved a half payment on the grant, to the amount of 363 wNXM.

Upon receipt of remaining NFTs and initial implementation, the remaining balance of wNXM will be distributed.

Community Corner

Greetings Mutants!

When we last left you we were just about to start @ETHGlobal’s #HackMoney2021 hackathon! Well as of this writing, we are heading into the final phase of competition and awaiting to find out the teams that opted to build with Nexus Mutual. Once we have been notified, we will be judging the projects and closing ceremonies being held on Friday, July 9th. Can’t wait to share with the community the results!

Update on Grants

Dedaub - Nexus Mutual Collaboration: Progressing. No material details to share at this time.

Research on the Horizon

Research Analysis on Pancake V2, Pancake Bunny as well as Anchor have all been received and currently are available to the community as a resource. Community Risk Analysis Papers

Coming Attractions

iTrust will be hosting an AMA in our “ask-me-anything” channel in Discord on July 22nd @ 11:00 a.m. (EST.) Come find out about their product and get all your questions answered.

As always, don’t forget the Fund is open for business and we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas, potential projects and collaborations. The process is fairly simple and starts out with you filling in our application form here: Application for Nexus Mutual Community Fund grants

And should you have any questions, just schedule some time to chat with us here: Calendly - Kendrea Camacho

Thank you for taking a few minutes with me and remember, there is no community without you; sure glad you are here!


Other Updates

Marketing and Communications Hub

The Marketing Hub is making progress on our Roadmap, Charter, and Implementation plan. We expect this to publish a ‘Roadmap for Mutant Marketing’ next week.

HELP WANTED: The Marketing Hub is looking for enthusiastic members interested in working as a Nexus Writer or Nexus Community Ambassador. Any members can contact BraveNewDeFi on Discord or Twitter.

Nexus Community Ambassadors are active members in another protocol such as Yearn Finance and would like to represent Nexus Mutual in their protocol community. By evangelizing Nexus in these communities you will be able to directly drive cover sales, and the addition of new protocols to Nexus Mutual. Together, we can increasing our impact, and ensure that more members of the crypto community are protected with cover.


On the engineering side, we’re thinking through the core mechanics of the protocol, with the main goal being to make it easily composable in a defi-native way. The main deliverables will be to:

  • Move the cover pricing fully onchain, and make it dynamic
  • Implement new covers system, with a pay-as-you-go mechanism embedded
  • Implement new staking, with delegation available by default, streamed rewards, and more

Integrations are already available via our newly updated “distributor contract” - a wrapper around the Nexus Mutual cover system that allows a smart contract to buy cover on behalf of end users. Docs & code can be found here: smart-contracts/ at master · NexusMutual/smart-contracts · GitHub.

For those looking to partner with Nexus Mutual, we’re actively looking to support any interesting integrations via our community grants.

Our brand new financial dashboard is now live on dune analytics: Dune Analytics. It has been built by Elias Simos, sponsored via the community grants. (

This dashboard makes it easier than ever to understand the financials behind the mutual, including assets and liabilities.

Investment Hub

We’re still looking for two additional members to join our investment hub as board members. You can find out more about our investment hub here:

Love finance? Crazy about insurance? Dream about DCF’s? Drool over juicy yields? Obsess over asset–liability mismatches?

Apply by contacting @Rei on Discord, or on our forum.


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