Nexus Mutual <> Multifarm

Hello Mutants!


Integrate Nexus Mutual product into Multifarm.


Multifarm is a fast-growing yield farming dashboard in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. We currently help our users to compare the yields of over 1000+ DeFi protocols to make the right investment decisions. We are experts in dashboard design and blockchain data integration. In addition to our own dashboard, we offer dashboard integrations for other DeFi protocols.


Partner with Multifarm and have Nexus Mutual’s product be integrated into the website. The idea is to integrate an insurance button under the asset detail page for assets that Nexus Mutual protocol offers insurance for (or all assets). This will redirect users to Nexus Mutual page thus drive traffic and exposure for Nexus Mutual to a DeFi focused audience. This can be integrated as a permanent option or for a decided upon period (quoted at 1 ETH/month).


  • Increase brand awareness, user activity and sales

  • Gain exposure to a community of DeFi driven yield farmers who are product fit

  • Take advantage of grabbing Multifarm’s users early in the investment cycle while they look through farms and additional services to use

  • Initialize long term strategy and relationship with an upcoming DeFi analytics tool

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This sounds like an interesting proposal.

Unfortunately the mutual lacks the the ability to raise new funds at the moment due to the nature of the current token structure; and does not have sufficient excess capital to pay out redemptions to members.

Until that’s resolved I think it would be premature to allocate funds to an external partnership such as this.


Although it could be paid with a small $wnxm bounty that is hold for at least 6 months or something. And think a similar integration could make sense for

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I have to assume that you’re trolling. Payment for something like this would come from the community fund.

Personally, I’d be supportive of this, at least on a short-term basis to see what traction and additional sales can be driven our way.

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the community fund is used specifically for this kind of grants.

@turboyieldfarmer do you have any data regarding your users? I’m supportive of this kind of partnerships but have never heard of multifarm before


We currently have 6k active users based in the US, UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, Australia and Japan. Our user’s are made up of some prominent yield farmers (farming 6 figures on average), DAO treasuries are using our platform, emerging Farming as a Service Protocols as well as asset management and hedge funds. So there is a low user base, but very sophisticated and decent TVL behind our platform users’. So traffic alone is probably the wrong metric. In addition we have a big presence on social media through our twitter, discord and medium that Nexus Mutual will be able to gain some exposure once we potentially announce a partnership.

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