Nexus Treasury Multi-Sig: Replace Krugman as a Signer


In February 2021, members voted to establish the initial Nexus Treasury (a.k.a., Community Fund) multi-sig signers. The initial member-approved signers list includes:

The multi-sig signers sign off on, but not decide, which proposals pass and do not pass. They enact the will of the wider Nexus community who vote with their NXM.

Replacing Krugman25

Krugman has requested to retire as a Nexus Treasury multi-sig signer. The proposal seeks to remove Krugman from the list of multi-sig signers.

Since Krugman will no longer be serving as a multi-sig signer, another member needs to take his place. I’d like to propose that I replace Krugman as a multi-sig signer on the Nexus Treasury multi-sig.

I started contributing to the mutual as a community member over two-years ago and have since transitioned to work full-time on BD and as a member of the investment committee. Having begun as a community member, I believe I’d be an acceptable replacement to Krugman.

Period for Review

This proposal will be open for review, comment, and discussion for the next seven (7) days. After the seven days have passed, this proposal will transition to a Snapshot vote.

If others would like to suggest themselves as an alternative, please feel free to start a thread.


Interesting discussion to have since it is the first time we have to replace a signer. I’m in support of your proposal.

However, the structure of the multi-sig signers was : 1 team member , 3 VCs, 3 Community members

In order to keep the balance, I’d like to suggest candidates such as @vincentj & @BraveNewDeFi as long-term community members.


I’d vote for @BraveNewDeFi! I’m less active and already on too many although its an honour that you suggest me

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I’m supportive of @BraveNewDeFi being the signer instead. Let’s transition this thread to that idea and post for Snapshot following.


Thank you @Gauthier, @vincentj, and @Dopeee for the nomination.

I joined as a member in January 2021, and I’ve been contributing to Nexus Mutual almost from the time I first became a member. For more than a year now, I’ve been serving as Head of Communications for Nexus Communications (formerly, Mutant Marketing). Have enjoyed working for the community for the past year.

One of the first few proposals I shared on the forum was an exploration of working group models, which turned into the Nexus Hubs model, which we use today to form community-driven working groups (“Hubs”) to enable members to work for the mutual.

Happy to be considered as a replacement for Krugman on the Nexus Treasury multi-sig.


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This proposal has been transitioned to a Snapshot vote, which will be open for voting from 1 August at 1pm EST / 5pm UTC to 6 August at 1pm EST / 5pm UTC.