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If you’re an active user, you can now purchase Protocol Cover to protect crypto deposited in the protocol on EVM-compatible networks!

With Protocol Cover, you can protect against:

  • Code being used in an unintended way (e.g., exploits, hacks)
  • Economic design failure
  • Severe oracle failure
  • Governance attacks

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About is a decentralized P2P exchange protocol, where users can onramp into crypto or offramp into fiat using a Wise account.

  • Exchange crypto-to-fiat from MetaMask to your Wise account. No KYC needed to use
  • You can enter the amount and type of crypto you wish to sell on This will list an offer visible to everyone who uses the protocol.

The protocol is deployed on the following EVM-compatible networks:

  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum (coming soon)
  • Optimism (coming soon)

Learn more about by reading through their whitepaper and exploring the FAQ page on their website.