PlannerDAO <> Nexus Update

I am excited to announce that we have finished the Financial Advisor Defi Toolkit that was generously funded by the Nexus community!

We presented a final version of the toolkit at our inaugural PlannerDAO Crossroads conference last month. The toolkit succinctly lays out the options and legal requirements for financial advisors to manage client assets directly in non-custodial wallets and Defi.

The Toolkit is available to anyone who has joined the PDAO community and can be found here:

We have had 76 downloads in under two weeks and see more interest every day. Additionally, the Compliance Group has scheduled a call with the SEC for May 26th to review our legal opinion.

Next, it’s on to the implementation phase! I will personally be working on software that allows advisors to manage client assets in Defi and insure those assets on Nexus in just a few clicks.

Thank you again for the support and I will keep the community updated as we move along!

Steve Larsen, CPA, CFP
Co-Founder, PlannerDAO


Love seeing this all come together. This is foundational layer work to help onboard existing financial advisors and their clients into crypto in a safe and compliant way. The best part is Steve and the PlannerDAO team have worked through the details so that users can do this in a self custodied fashion under the guidance of the Financial Advisors.

Great the the Nexus community can support it and really looking forward to seeing this grow in use.

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