Reorganising Nexus Mutual Discord: Our approach to strengthening our sense of community

As the DAO Community team, we continuously seek ways to enhance inclusivity and security, while creating an incentive to stay engaged within our community. Over the past several months, we researched, designed, and will implement a new structure within the Nexus Mutual Discord on Monday (25 September).

This restructuring will bring new content, features, and ways for members to get involved within the DAO. Our goal is to establish a strong foundation for our community, so we can build engagement and get more members involved in running the mutual.

Main objectives

While redesigning the Nexus Mutual Discord server, a few principles guided our thinking:

  1. Make it easier to find key information. Our goal is to make Nexus Mutual’s extensive documentation more accessible and ensure all mutual members have the tools to remain well-informed. The Nexus Mutual Discord will serve as a channel where it’s easy to find key information, with illustrative messages, bots, and features that make it easy to learn more about Nexus Mutual. We’re eager to highlight how members can play an active role within the DAO.

  2. Strengthen ties with the broader Nexus Mutual ecosystem. We will work to keep members updated with discussions taking place on the Nexus Mutual governance forum. Also, we aim to enable communication between members and staking pool managers.

  3. Enhance the onboarding experience. We’re introducing comprehensive guides that will offer newcomers step-by-step instructions to participate in the basic functions within the mutual. These guides will review Nexus Mutual’s core concepts and will be available right when new community members join the server.

Up next

Starting on Monday (25 September), you will notice changes in the Nexus Mutual Discord server.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know on the forum in the #feedback category or on the dao-forum thread in the Nexus Mutual Discord!

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