Resources to understand how $NXM price works

the idea is to share some material where they go over $NXM and how it works:

  1. Thread by @krugman25 ($NXM Super-Bull). Highly recommended to understand who the price of $NXM moves and what are the key variables

  2. Thread by @Darrenlautf

  3. Thread by @MapleLeafCap

The idea is to updated the list, so please share any relevant material.


Binance listed WNXM
Their research report:

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Excelent report from Delphi Digital about scaling strategies.

See here:


Mini Thread by @DefiGod1 about $NXM and current MCR mechanism

Some recent podcast that @Hugh has been doing recently:
Bankless - Nexus Mutual to Billion | Hugh Karp

Bankless - AMA - Hugh Karp of Nexus Mutual


Twitter thread from @08xmt talking about shield mining and the implications for $NXM

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Good udate on MCR and what’s going on from @YanLiberman. He talked why his long term thesis for $NXM is stronger than ever.
He also addresses @DegenSpartan

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Great topic by @mediodelphi where he goes in details about the current premium/discount of the book value of Nexus with the ETH holdings.

“A Sleeping DeFi Blue Chip”