Reward NXM stakers with NFT (from @DontBuyMeme $MEME)

To encourage NXM staking to boost daily cover availability and at the same time reward brave, selfless nexus mutants for staking their capital for 5% APY to insure funds farming at 500%, I propose to reward NXM stakers with NFT**.

Please accept this proposal if you would love to receive a nexus mutant only, protector of defi -themed NFT.

**These “Protector of DeFi”-themed NFTs are issued by @DontBuyMeme $MEME. The rareness of the NFT should be proportional to the risk a nexus mutant is taking. If there’s a claim, sacrificed mutants will get “the highest honor” NFT.


I accept it :sweat_smile:

But have we something to do? If the NFT is issued by the $ MEME team, what do we have to accept, in order to receive it?

I think this is a great idea and this proposal can bring some exposure to the mutual. :+1:

I’m a little lost on exactly what’s happening here, as in who is creating the NFT and how does it interact with MEME? What does Nexus need to do and what does MEME need to do?

…this may well be because I’m not in the weeds with MEME :slight_smile:


Currently, folks have to farm those NFT using $MEME. But I’m hoping the MEME team and Nexus team can work together to develop some NFTs specifically for Nexus Mutual stakers.

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Not sure if this is technically difficult. One straight forward way to do it is to issue a new token ($MUTANT) and reward NXM stakers through shield mining.

And these $MUTANT tokens can be used to claim NFT designed by @Don’tBuyMeme.

@Hugh let’s get you in the weeds, buddy!

The $MEME team would love to work on something like this with you guys.

This is actually a use case we’ve identified. We can create the NFTs. We can create the staking contracts.

Happy to discuss the details on telegram and/or a call?


@jordanlyall awesome! will ping on on Telegram

I love this idea! Special NFT for NXM holders who stake and vote in governance. Still I don’t understand where $MEME comes in and how will be related to the $MEME coin