[RFC]: Add $wnxm as voteable gov token to nexus community snapshot (beyond $nxm)

Nexus community funds snapshot space has only $nxm enabled as a governance token to vote with, while this could be updated to also include $wnxm, which would simplify governance, as they are equal, but have tax and other consequences being exchanged back and forth etc.

Implementation would be just adding $wnxm as a gov token to the nexus snapshot space: Snapshot

What do others think?

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I think it would make a lot of sense for all Nexus Treasury proposals (=/= different from Nexus governance) and could increase participation rate. Personally would find it very convenient.

& most txs done by Nexus Treasury are done in wNXM so would would be coherent to allow wNXM voting

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agree, would be valuable if the community fund enables $wnxm for voting.

the core onchain nexus governance (Nexus Mutual) needs to be $nxm most likely

Strong no from me on this. While I understand the motivation and reasoning, keeping a clear line distinction between who can vote (who is a member of the DAO), members vs non-members, is critical from many legal/regulatory aspects. We don’t want to blur lines at all here, the risk is not worth it imo. So even though the Treasury is different from the Nexus Mutual Capital Pool I still think it’s much better to keep them distinct (fyi - we also use snapshot for pulse checks in advance of on-chain vote).


Ok thanks for this input, makes a lot of sense.

It would have been great to have more weight in some snapshot polls but obv not worth regulatory trouble.


Makes sense, and agree with Gauthier… thought this would be without reg risks, as it pertains purely to community fund, but makes sense.


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