[RFC]: Marketing through Professional Education


It is our intention to invite senior practitioners from the accounting field to a one-day CPD seminar - Blockchain and Decentralized Finance: A Primer for Accounting and Finance Professionals, with the aim of raising awareness among professionals, increasing adoption and in turn raise profile of Nexus Mutual.


Accountants and financial professionals are required to complete annual continued professional development to keep their professional status. However, most accountants and financial professionals are not familiar with Defi, the products available or the accounting and auditing considerations. This has left a gap for education for professionals and there are no CPD accredited course or seminars available in Ireland and the UK on this subject. With education we can also raise brand awareness.

We aim to run 7, one day remote CDP accredited seminars for professionals in Ireland and the UK, with 25 people at each. We have already completed the comprehensive content and are applying for CPD accreditation. A summary of the seminar is below. We will be covering of Nexus Mutual for the case study in DeFi products: Insurance.

Right now, from our research, most medium-sized accounting practices do not have the knowledge to service clients in this sector, and although the demand for the service is not currently high, Accountants should be aware of this fast-growing industry, and the considerations for accounting and auditing. The UK is very progressive when it comes to cryptocurrency, and they aim to be a hub in the future. Ireland is less progressive but holds EU headquarters for many crypto companies such as Binance, Coinbase and much more.

We aim to make personal invites to the senior practitioners, however as the demand from clients is not yet there, we wish to make this free for them to attend, yet also give them the much-valued CPD credits.

A little about me

As a CPA, I moved into education several years ago, and can boast 250K students across 186 different countries. Two years ago, I pivoted my training and education business to focus on Web3, Blockchain and digital assets education. I have been involved in Cryptocurrency since 2017 and have run several educational events. I am also the founder of the Global Blockchain, web3 and cryptocurrency meetups group running weekly events online and a reach of +3000

Seminar Summary:

Decentralized finance brings new regulatory considerations that accounting, and finance professionals need to be aware of. This includes understanding the regulatory framework surrounding decentralized finance products, as well as the auditing, reporting, and disclosure requirements for these products.

This seminar is designed for accounting and finance professionals who want to learn about decentralized finance and how it is changing the financial industry.

Seminar Outline:

  • Flaws in the current financial system
  • What is blockchain?
  • What is cryptocurrency?
  • What are smart contracts and stable coins?
  • Decentralized finance
  • Decentralized finance products and how they work.
  • The regulatory framework
  • Accounting considerations
  • Auditing, reporting, and disclosure
  • Governance and DAOs

What Students Will Learn:

  • The flaws in the current financial system and how decentralized finance aims to address them.
  • The basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • The concept of smart contracts and stable coins
  • The various decentralized finance products available including case studies.
  • The regulatory framework surrounding decentralized finance.
  • The accounting considerations related to decentralized finance.
  • The auditing, reporting, and disclosure requirements for decentralized finance

Who This Seminar Is For:

This seminar is for accounting and finance professionals who want to learn about decentralized finance and how it is changing the financial industry. It is intended to provide relevant continued professional development and upskills to professionals in practice or industry, as well as financial staff in banks and other financial sectors. This seminar should give participants the knowhow to take on clients within the Defi sector and help individuals account for their defi activity. No prior knowledge of decentralized finance is required.

Budget request

Cost of CPD accreditation $1,200

Instructor cost per day $500

Facilitator cost per day $400

Total labor costs per day $900 @ 7 days $6,300

Total Budget request $7,500

Milestone and Metrics for Success

Milestone 1: CPD accredited.

Milestone 2: 4 seminars in first month

Milestone 3: 3 seminars in the second month

Our success metrics are as follows.

  • Accreditation
  • Full attendance at each seminar
  • Learning objectives achieved by attendees.
  • Positive feedback from attendees

Proposal Status

Open for comments.

I look forward to reading the comments from the community and answering any questions that might arise.

Hi Paula, welcome to the Nexus Mutual community and thank you for your proposal to support the CPD course.

How much support from our team will you need? Will you need support creating the content around Nexus Mutual, or the attendance of anyone from the team (a couple of us are UK based)?

Is the course a single day course that will be repeated 7 times to different audiences? So the reach would be 7*25 people attending?
If so, that’s a lot of content to cover in a single day - how much time and information do you expect to share and discuss about Nexus Mutual specifically?

Hi and thank you for your questions,

I don’t need anyone to help out as I already have the course material created. I am an experienced Defi users (as far as experience goes as in fairness Defi has not been around all that long). I will need an additional course facilitator, however I have priced that in and I have someone that is just as experienced as me in Defi and also an experienced trainer.

Yes, the course will be repeated 7 times. So yes the reach would be 7*25. I would be confident that we would be able to easily fill 10+ courses, however I wanted to keep my budget request as low as possible.

There is a LOT of content to cover, but the course is a Primer and not a detailed expert track. Accounting, audit and reporting considerations make up a large portion of this course

In terms of Nexus Mutual specific content, there is only about 20 min of content under the section of Defi Products. However should this application be approved, all slides, and handouts will be branded with the Nexus Mutual Logo and in the introduction Nexus will be mentioned as the funder, along with a note in the email invites, so it will very much be a brand awareness effort.

I hope that answers your questions

imo might be more scalable to do a video course, not sure if this one is worth the high $ cost for the mutual


I don’t feel this is needed.

And if the concensus was that it is needed; we ought to put out an RFP for individuals to submit a proposal and pick whoever is best qualified and cost effective.

Don’t want to cast any aspersions towards the OP, but there’s enough clear graft in DAO governance in the space generally that we ought to be very cautious of solicitations.


I have been teaching online for many years now. Unfortunately E-learning as it stands is not very effective, especially prerecorded self paced courses. Completion rates are extremely low, and it is impossible to keep learners engaged. That is why I am opting for instructor led.

Thank you very much for your feedback

Ok, thank you for your feedback

I vote in opposition to this proposal. It seems out of scope in relation to Nexus mutual (this seems to be very general and Nexus has quite a niche focused on crypto insurance products), also the value per dollar seems quite low as well. $7500 can fund a side event at a prominent crypto conference, or at least a level of sponsorship which would gain the protocol more exposure overall.

My vote here would be no.

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