Selling, Exchanging NXM, Withdrawing funds & closing account

Hello there,

PLEASE I have tried without any success, can anyone in Nexus Mutual or the community tell me how to exchange NXM for Ethereum successfully as i am fed up, each time i have tried for the past 3or 4 weeks, its been the same “You can’t swap more than 0.0 NXM per transaction due to the current MCR%. The limit will increase as more ETH is contributed to the pool.” message

Again, I would like to exchange, sell and close my membership, its definitely NOT being a pleasant experience for me

THANKS in advance


As per the docs redemptions are currently restricted on the bonding curve as MCR% is at or below 100%.

You would need to wrap your NXM in wNXM and sell on Uniswap etc if you wish to dispose of NXM. You can then withdraw membership in the Nexus app on the membership page.

Hello there, thanks for the response,


I wish the process of even wrapping the NXM to wNXM was simplified in a document or on the NXM website.

I scoured the internet and came up with a method and at the end of the day, I had wNXM set up on my Metamask and I send the NXM to an address and it all seems to have disappeared into a black hole.

I sent my NXM which i had been trying to withdraw to an NXM contract address i.e 0xd7c49cee7e9188cca6ad8ff264c1da2e69d4cf3b and now my money is NOT reflected in wNXM and not being sent back to the original NXM wallet/ address.

I have the etherscan transaction ID for the transfer i did.

Please can someone help…

All i was trying to do was follow the instructions i got given but now seems i have lost money.

Can the money sent to the address be sent back at least?


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A screenshot of the transaction from my Metamask

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any update to your situation? i am trying to get out of the position as well but I am unable to due to MCR% requirements. I am unable to use the website for wrapping NXM as it says there is insufficient allowance to wrap NXM.

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Insufficient allowance might mean you don’t have enough ETH for gas in your wallet.

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This below link is from the wnxm room of Nexusmutual discord.
Is the function in this link available? If I use it to wrap my nxm into wnxm, is it possible?

Please telle me ASAP. The wnxm price have come down.

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Please don’t ask that here, answers can be found easily by using the search function in Discord.

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Hi there, unfortunately there has NOT been any update nor response from @Hugh regarding my last messages even with the screenshots of the Eth address my payment went to… Its all so confusing and i find the responses here utterly unhelpful.

I sincerely hope you get better luck because it seems my $200+ dollars have just been swallowed by NXM via the address they published and which i sent money to and which they can verify.

A shame

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Thank you. That might make sense. I will look into it

All the information can be obtained in our discord under the faq sections.

wNXM was built by the community, not the Nexus Mutual team so it’s not directly supported on the nexus app for now.

Insufficient allowance usually means that you need to approve the wNXM contract to use your NXM first.

Hi and thanks for the response @Hugh but this now goes beyond WNXM, the (receiving) address was one on the official NXM site… Are you saying that the funds paid cannot be verified as being received and is now all lost?

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I unstaked three months ago and my NXM is still locked up? Can someone help please…

I have to pay to withdraw it and then exchange it? for the love of god…

So I payed to withdraw and now I can’t exchange it? Who came up with this format? NXM is a hell hole I can’t leave… Never coming back