Set-up costs for the Community Fund

To ensure the smooth running of the Community Fund we’d like to propose some set-up funds be distributed.

Grant 1000 NXM to our Head of Community, @Kendrea, for smaller sub-100 NXM grants and incidental funds. These expenses will be logged on the Community Fund page of our docs. This is to avoid voter fatigue and to enable the Fund to reward one-off payments for smaller items with a quick turnaround.

Grant 10NXM to each of the multi-sig participants to cover gas fees for implementing the accepted projects’ grants.

Once a proposal has been up for discussion on here for 7 days it will be closed and we will then translate it to the snapshot for voting. After the snapshot has concluded and if it has produced a favorable outcome, we will distribute the funds.

Details about the Community Fund can be found on this page of our Docs


I did not understand what will the “sub-100 NXM grants” be used for. Is the idea to avoid multi-sig for small amounts and save on gas?

Hi! Thanks for replying - this post was a test and is now open for discussion. I’ve updated the content to elaborate a bit further. I hope this helps - let us know if you have any further feedback or if it needs further clarification :slight_smile:

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