Stacked Risk Cover - Call for potential products

Stacked Risk Cover will be a generalised way of covering virtually all risks in a protocol in a simple way using options. So we need to create a specific list of ideas

How it Works (example)
User puts DAI into the Curve yPool and gets yCRV tokens in return. These tokens earn yield and can always be referenced back to a notional value of USD.

User buys stacked risk cover on yCRV.

At any point in time during the cover period the user can swap their yCRV tokens worth 100 USD (notional) for 90 DAI.

This means if the yCRV tokens materially de-peg for whatever reason the user is protected from the worst downside.

Please list products you would like to see, like the yCRV example above, and we will add them to the potential product list. We’re looking for both USD based coins and ETH based coins.

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Token Covered Currency Absolute/Relative Conversion Data Comment
cDAI DAI Relative TBA Is DAI or USDC preferred?
cETH ETH Relative TBA
aDAI DAI Absolute n/a Is DAI or USDC preferred?
aETH ETH Absolute n/a
yETH ETH ?? ?? not yet released
rETH ETH ?? ?? Rocket Pool, not yet released
yCRV DAI Relative other Curve pools as well

This is the top 8 asset backed tokens as shown by coingecko. Are there any better ranking out there?

YUSD should be the first to be covered as it is the embodiment of stacked risk with 4 different usd tokens and 2 more platform risk above it. In total it has 6 distinct risks. We can judge demands from here and solve any issues before offering other assets.

Other DAI and ETH tokens are only exposed to one platform risk so in theory they can already buy covers from existing offerings so there is no point in offering them?

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