Stepping down from Investment Hub

I’ll be stepping down from the Investment Hub immediately. Since I started my latest position with Nexus Mutual, in last May, I was no longer paid from the Investment Hub and instead was acting more as a liaison between the core team and the IH, as well as leading our meetings.

Given I’ll be working on the side of a syndicate going forward (post V2), and am already far busier than I would like to be, it makes sense for me to step down to create a cleaner split between the DAO / Core Team / Syndicates. Plus, I’ll hopefully get to enjoy a little bit of rest.

I’ve been planning to step down once the Maple situation reached a clean resolution… which came more suddenly than we expected, which is nice. My stepping down has nothing to do with this, it’s been planned for a long-time, just made sense to wait 'til this was resolved as I was leading the resolution there.

The remaining Investment Hub team is unchanged. They’ll continue to do good work and the funding requirements are the same, given that I wasn’t being paid by the IH or DAO anyways.



Thank you for all your work on behalf of members to resolve the Auros loans liqudiity issue. I know you’ve put in considerable time and effort to get the greatest amount of funds back for members.

I look forward to seeing others in the Investment team take the lead, so you can focus on your full-time role. Really appreciate your many contributions to the mutual, @Dopeee.


Appreciate all your contributions, and if i understand correctly you’ll remain involved in the mutual but on the syndicate product which is exciting to hear

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