Un-staking a fixed income USDT fund

My “friend” told me a NEXUS Mutual Fixed income USDT fund which started in 2019 and pays daily 1.5% if the deposit is over 100 USDT. The fund pays an extra 0.1% for staking.
The contract is TR7NHqjeKQxGTCi8q8ZY4pL8otSzgjLj6t
The “customer service” constantly ask us to invest more money and created all kinds of nonsense reason to lock out money. My question is: How can I transfer my money back (un-staking) by myself? Is there any period that the DAO will automatically un-staking?

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What you’re describing isn’t related to Nexus Mutual at all. There is no USDT fund associated with the Mutual. This looks to be something running on Tron, and Nexus Mutual isn’t on the Tron blockchain in any capacity.

Unfortunately, this sounds like a scam.

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, it is on TRON.
So, where is NEXUS DAO? On Biance?
TRON copied from Biance, to my knowledge.
They might simply taking your name…looks like scam…but my money is inside…

Nexus Mutual is only on Ethereum mainnet. The NXM token isn’t listed on any exchanges.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to help here. I’m sorry you were affected by this scam.

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Tron is copied from Ethereum…presumably they also copied your funds…
Anyway, thanks for the information.