Update: Financial Advisor DeFi Toolkit

Hello Nexus community, I am excited to share an update on the Financial Advisor Defi Toolkit that was funded a few months ago.

We retained a US law firm to deliver a legal opinion regarding SEC Registered Investment Advisers (RIA) and Defi. Specifically, what paths are available to use non-custodial wallets, DEX trading, and which types of securities (vs. commodities) we are allowed to offer advice on.

The issues are complex, but the early results are very promising. We are on track to deliver three game-changers for our industry:

  1. An immediate path for RIAs to recommend non-custodial solutions to their clients
  2. A list of detailed requirements for protocols to follow if they want to modify their existing offering or build a new one that is compatible with RIA regulations
  3. All roads above lead to a list of “approved protocols” that will be insured by Nexus Mutual

More details will be available in the coming weeks, but we are encouraged by the progress so far.

Thank you to everyone for your support, PlannerDAO is excited to be working with Nexus to bring insured Defi mainstream!

Steve Larsen, CPA, CFP®


I’ll echo @larseny to see it was really exciting to get the report back from the attorney, and see the path toward helping financial advisors take clients into non-custodial wallets.

At the same time we now have over 600 PlannerDAO members across several different countries. So much growth potential for DeFi and Nexus.


Thanks for the update @larseny and @adam ! Great to hear about the progress.

This is fundamental compliance work that will onboard any more users into DeFi and Nexus in a safe way :slight_smile:


Wondering on the trade-offs between approved wallet specifications, for example social recovery features and hardware wallet features that reduce risks of wallet spoofing by the next generation of (especially Windows-based) malware. Argent was a pioneer in multi-sig social recovery, and GridPlus in dedicated hardware resistant to malware on the host machines. Will approved solutions involve computing environment, software wallet and hardware extensions? Windows 10 and Metamask are sitting ducks…ask Hugh

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