Venom Foundation Partnership Request

Hi Nexus Mutual Team & Community,

I hope this message finds you well.
My name is Vincent, Business Development Manager at Venom Foundation, and I wanted to explore the possibility of a potential partnership with Nexus Mutual.

Venom Foundation is a layer 0 blockchain focused on building a sustainable and scalable platform. As the first regulated blockchain in the UAE, Venom Chain utilizes the Threaded Virtual Machine (TVM). Our foundation is backed by a skilled team of blockchain developers and entrepreneurs, including Peter Knez, formerly the CIO of BlackRock.

Here are some key performance metrics from our testnet for your review:

  • Accumulated transaction count exceeding 250 million
  • Total number of registered accounts (smart contracts) surpassing 25 million
  • More than 760,000 active wallets

You can find more information about us on our social media platform:

I believe there are several areas where Venom Foundation can offer support and incentives for our potential partnership with Nexus Mutual. We are committed to fostering mutually beneficial collaborations and can provide:

  • Technical expertise: Our skilled team of blockchain developers can assist with integration.

  • Marketing and exposure: We can showcase Nexus Mutual as a strategic partner on our platforms and leverage our social media presence to increase visibility.

  • Funding opportunities: Venom Foundation offers a grant and investment program that you can apply. Additionally, we have established connections with a network of investors, allowing us to explore potential funding avenues to support our collaborative initiatives.

I would like to provide more details about our organization, discuss your specific needs, and explore potential areas of support that may be of interest to Nexus Mutual.

Does expanding to a non-EVM chain align with your current roadmap and goals?

Please let me know a suitable time for a discussion, or if you could share your Calendly link, that would be convenient as well.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and discussing the possibilities of a partnership between our organizations.

Best regards,
Vincent Salaka
Business Development Manager
Venom Foundation