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My wallet was compromised and all my funds were siphoned out of my acct, including my staked NXM. My public address is: 0x8863Dc2C84267bD957b3352866d67fB1da651a0a. I am also including a screenshot from Token Allowance Checker https://tac.dappstar.io/ 2 for everyone to see what address hacker is using to to pull money out so you can be aware and on a lookout. Essentially, bots with unlimited withdrawal abilities are hooked to my wallet and there is noting I can do at the moment to disable it. Each transaction needs gas fees and each time I would send money to that address the money would be instantly transferred to hackers wallet. I am currently working on a solution but this has been a giant pain in the a$$. I hope this helps someone else avoid this nightmare.

Hey @noesis5,

Sorry your wallet was compromised. After reviewing your address, all transactions originate from your wallet, which means that the allowances don’t play a role in the loss of funds. Your private key was compromised, which allowed the person(s) who removed the funds from your wallet to directly transfer assets out by having control over your wallet.

Because it takes 30 days to unstake NXM, your wallet has likley been compromised for greater than 30 days. Again, I’m very sorry you had your private key compromised. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do to help recover funds that have been transfered out of your address. You can fill out the Whitehat hotline form if there are remaining assets in your wallet you would like to recover: Whitehat hotline

MyCrypto has many great entries on how to keep you assets safe; I hope this helps when you set up a new wallet in the future. If I can help with anything related to transfering your membership to a new address, please let me know.

Thank you! I did not expect anything I only shared my experience in hope that it can help other folks. Thanks again.

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