Weekly update - w/c Monday 7th December 2020

  • Custody cover is now live! Members can now purchase cover for centralised custodians. Read the article here and the Discord post here. The first six custodians covered are:
  1. Celsius https://celsius.network/

  2. BlockFi https://blockfi.com/

  3. Nexo https://nexo.io/

  4. inLock https://inlock.io/

  5. Ledn https://ledn.io/

  6. Hodlnaut https://www.hodlnaut.com/

  • Our next community call will take place on Friday 18th December in the #community-calls video channel in the Discord server.
    2.30-3pm UTC we will run a Nexus for beginners call for anyone who wants to understand the basic mechanics of the system and how Nexus works.
    3-4pm UTC will be the regular call with updates from the team, what we’re working on, roadmap and plans for scaling plus time for community questions.
    You can submit your questions in advance on the #community-calls Discord channel.

  • Rox will appear on the Chainlink Q and A next Wednesday 16th December at 4pm UTC.

  • Aave v2 has been launched and is live for staking and cover. Read the Aave V2 audit.

  • Forum discussion to reduce the unstake lock up period from 90 to 30 days.

  • Hugh’s forum post on scaling Nexus.

  • TrueFi shield mining campaign is live. The campaign will run until 1,600,000 TRU tokens have been rewarded to NXM stakers on the TrueFi contract.

  • You can now follow the announcements channel in Discord to get notifications when we publish an announcement.

  • We’ve noted an increase in scammers recently. We’ve increased the server settings on Discord and are implementing a human verification system. There are also scammers around on Telegram so we’re reminding our community to be vigilant and remember that team members never DM first and never ask for money. All team members are tagged as ‘team’ in Discord and are admins on the Telegram group. If in doubt please double check.

  • Hugh was on Yield TV with DeFi Dad yesterday talking about Custody Cover and scaling Nexus.

  • Hugh’s Stakehound AMA on the risks involved in ETH2.0 staking

  • In case you missed it: Rox was on the DeFi slate podcast. Listen now.

  • We’re preparing a new monthly update for a more in-depth look into what’s going on at Nexus. If there’s anything you’d like to see in it please let us know below. Look out for this coming soon!