Withdrawing Some NXM - transfer address suspicious

Each time I request a withdrawal of the rewards or pooling stake is brings me to the Metamask but says transferring to 0xcafea2Da9C1e9867f1680C0B97E1731a00c9b50a and not my address. Why is this the case and why defaulting to this address?

You are making a withdraw rewards smart contract call, rather than transferring funds. So that address is the Nexus claims reward contract which you are instructing to send you NXM.

Full list of Nexus contracts is here: https://nxm.surge.sh/

I understand, but what’s the next step to get NXMAs it doesn’t show the value within your website anymore? I guess I’m just confused as to what the process is and I couldn’t find it in the help. Much appreciated. Take care

Once you complete the transaction the rewards will be shifted from the reward contract into your wallet.
Rewards will show zero on the nexus app and the NXM in your wallet will have increased.