2023-10-05 Governance Roundup

Welcome to the Governance Roundup — the concise source for updates within the Nexus Mutual community, including upcoming governance actions, the latest developments, and everything else about the future of risk sharing!

Tokenomics :speech_balloon:

Part 3 of the parameter discussion concluded. The project will continue with economic and smart contract audits.

:arrow_right: Review Rei’s latest updates.

:arrow_right: Take a look at the recent community call to hear BraveNewDeFi’s recap of the latest progress and milestones.


DoDAO posted their proposal about creating educational content for the mutual. Members are requested to review, comment and ask questions.

The next issue of The Hedge, Nexus Mutual’s monthly newsletter, is published today!

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for our next Community Call on the Nexus Mutual Discord on Tuesday (17 October) at 1pm UTC!

Have a great week!

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