Governance Incentive

It would be nice to see a lot of mutual members vote on governance proposals. Maybe this is not realistic but there should be an incentive to do so.

Recent proposals offer 100 NXM, if I understand correctly this is split equally between voters.
At $60/NXM, $6,000 split between voters

If I understand nexustracker correctly, approx 2,600 unique addresses of token holder I assume this is similar to mutual members.

Just voted on 1% > 4% proposal. Cost me $35 in ETH gas.

If everyone voted, I’d get $2.30 in incentive
If half voted, I’d get $4.60
If 10% voted, $23

So just to pay for my gas I’d need vote % to be less than 6.5% of members.

Governance incentive is supposed to be an incentive, but as it stands in this world of ETH congestion, it is arguably still uneconomic to vote, especially for small holders, especially for proposals that don’t seem probably to increase the price/token. (assuming I’ve understood everything above correctly)

Possible solutions:
Increase the reward temporarily
Index the reward to prevailing gas prices
Move voting to a less expensive method

Obviously #1 seems easiest, would it make sense to substantially boost the incentive temporarily to “ensure” (pun intended) there is no disincentive to vote.

What about what Aragon just released (offchain polling with onchain execution)?

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Voting has become such a huge expense that I even skipped a few votes because the gas was super high. Would love to see a way of making it much more affordable.