{Grant Proposal} - Quidli - Rewards Bot on Discord

Executive Summary
Quidli is a micro on-ramp connecting Web 2.0 apps and web3 assets for you to embed crypto rewards and incentives into your collaboration workflows to boost participation and motivation. The app enables you to recognize your top contributors natively in your Slack and or Discord, and is mainly used today by community managers who want to leverage community engagement on social media. Quidli users include the community teams at ConsenSys, the NEAR Foundation, ETHDenver, OrangeDAO, iExec, Flare Network, Tezos Foundation and CELO.

Here’s some key numbers we observed in 2022 on Quidli:

  • Nb of organizations: 1100+
  • transaction volume: ~$2.4m
  • Nb of transactions: ~140k/month
  • Types of orgs: Remote companies, online communities, web3 organizations, DAOs
  • Use cases: Recognition, rewards, incentives, ambassador programs

We propose to you to build a light integration of Nexus Mutual Blockchain to Quidli by adding NXM to our API and hosted app environment. This will enable you to seamlessly distribute NXM tokens as rewards to the top active participants in your community directly in your Slack or Discord.
In addition to helping you internally share NXM tokens within your ecosystem, this integration lets us offer NXM to our user base of 1000+ organizations as an option via Quidli’s open token platform.

Once completed, $NXM token will be available as an option on:

  1. Quidli web app
  2. Quidli Slack app
  3. Quidli Discord app
  4. Any subsequent integrations built by Quidli

Added value for Nexus Mutual:
Through this initial partnership, we’d like to help Nexus Mutual build an awesome community and ecosystem by enabling you to effectively boost community engagement using token incentives. Sharing more tokens with community members can help you to establish a positive alignment flywheel leading to more contributions and ultimately growth towards your main mission and objectives.

Roadmap proposal:
1st Milestone: Review of the token technical documentation (blockchain, smart contracts, tokens, etc.).
2nd Milestone: Testing to ensure $NXM is functional and usable within our environment.
3st Milestone: Review the integration with the Nexus Mutual marketing team

Timeline: 3 weeks

We’re asking for $3,000 (in $NXM , USDC or fiat preference) to kick off the integration work.

Justin Ahn - CEO
Role: Justin is the project coordinator

Guillaume Figielski - CTO
Role: Guillaume oversees token integration and product management

Luke Vignal - Head of Business Dev
Role: Will be in charge of the partnership coordination and marketing efforts

Titus Decali - UX Designer
Role: Titus will be in charge of the front-end development

Luis Marquez - Back End Dev
Role: Luis will be in charge of the Back-end development

What level of support do you expect throughout the project completion process?
We would like to have support:

  • Financial: mainly concerns the integration and research efforts (technical doc) of the dev team and maintenance costs.
  • Technical: We review the necessary technical documentation (blockchain, smart contracts, token, etc.). If additional docs and or consultation is needed, we’ll contact you to get connected with the appropriate person/team for guidance.
  • Marketing: We would like to conduct joint marketing actions in order to promote our community to the NXM token and to introduce the Nexus community to Quidli as well.

Additional ressources:
• Website: quid.li

Legal Company Name (if applicable): Quidli Inc
Company Full Address: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, USA
Legal Company Identification Number (from incorporation documents): 301130684

Can’t put link in the the grant proposal, so I will just put more doc here:
Additional ressources:
• Website: quid.li
• Youtube: Quidli - Incentivize your community with crypto - YouTube
• Twitter: @quidliprotocol
• GitHub: Quidli · GitHub
• Gitbook: docs.quid.li/gettingstarted/

:wave: Hey @Lukerio! Thank you for the detailed proposal. While this does sound interesting, there are a few reasons why I wouldn’t be supportive of this grant:

  1. NXM cannot be used outside of the Nexus Mutual protocol. Only members can hold NXM, and if someone who is not a member contributes in Discord, the transaction would revert or they would be unable to claim their NXM. When you put together your proposal, you have have overlooked this aspect of the NXM token and the Nexus Mutual protocol.
  2. Does not fit in with the Community team’s current priorities. At this time, I don’t see a need for the NXM token to be added to Quidli. I don’t see the broader benefit for the Nexus Mutual ecosystem. You can see our current priorities below.

And broadly speaking, members have been hesitant to offer NXM as incentives, since there are already quite a few ways to earn NXM by contributing to the mutual. See the Nexus Mutual documentation for more information on that point.

If the Community team does decide to reward contributors from the community, it will likely be done through Coordinape or another defined process that does not require support from the engineering team. USDC could always be used, which wouldn’t require anyone to integrate the NXM token into their protocol or service.

Given the above, I don’t think awarding this grant would move the needle on any of the impact areas outlined in the documentation.