Newsletter - 20th July 2021

Official News

Idle has launched a shield mining campaign :partying_face:

Two simultaneously campaigns from Idle Finance on Idle USDT and Idle DAI strategies are running. Stakers are backing a Yield Token Cover product with full integration between Nexus and Idle - when users purchase Idle USDT, or Idle DAI via Idle they will have built-in protection with integrated Yield Token Cover.

7500 IDLE at 0.05 IDLE per NXM staked for both Idle USDT and Idle DAI, total of 15,000 IDLE is available to be earned through the shield mining campaign.

Community Discussions

Marketing Hub

The Mutant Marketing Roadmap is now on the forum for review: Mutant Marketing Roadmap (aka Marketing/Communications Hub)

The Hub Charter is also available on the forum for review: Establishing Mutant Marketing: Hub Charter

:pray:@BraveNewDeFi has also put forth a proposal to lead this marketing hub: Proposal to Serve as Mutant Marketing Lead - #2 by jer979

:pray:@jer979 has also put forth a proposal to serve as an advisor to the marketing hub: Proposal to Serve as Mutant Marketing Advisor

The Final Marketing Strategy, and Budget will all be presented next week on the forum, as well.

Immunefi Matching Program Partnership

Following the Hats proposal, Immunefi has submitted their own. It’s critical that members that the time to review both, as Immunefi proposal will be going to vote very shortly.

The amount of NXM required for both proposals is large. You’re a part of the mutual, so this is your money. Take five minutes to read the proposal and leave a review!

Community Corner

Greetings Mutants! :turtle:

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Let’s fill you in on the events of the last few weeks. ETHGlobal’s #HackMoney2021 hackathon ended with Nexus awarding Centurio for our Immediate Integration award and Bright Risk for our Long Term Alignment award; both earning $2,000 worth of wNXM for their achievement. There was also $4,000 worth of wNXM as a general pool prize which we are happy to report will be split among 5 projects including our winners for their efforts to build for our platform.

Watch here for project demonstrations by the winning participants.

Centurio: Nexus Mutual cover recommendation engine based on wallet assets

Bright Risk : The Bright Risk Index (BRI) is a diversified basket of risk cover staking positions. This is enabled by making NXM staking positions permissionless and tradeable.

Update on Grants

Here’s the latest update on pending grants…

Hats.Finance - Decentralized Cybersecurity Incentive Network: The community decided and voted “no” in Hat’s “Next Steps” proposal on Snapshot as of July 16, 2021. No further action is required.

Immunefi’s proposal - Partnership is still active on our forum. Comments and questions continue to be given, asked and answered. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, you are encouraged to address them while the forum is still open; we want to make sure that the community has clarity on all matters prior to voting.

Coming Attractions

This week, ITrust will be hosting an AMA on our “ask-me-anything” channel in Discord on July 22nd @ 11:00 a.m. (EST.) Come find out about their product and get all your questions answered.

Last but certainly not least, please make plans to join us for our Community Call on July 27th at 3 p.m. (BST)/10:00 a.m. (EST)!

This call’s topic will be about our investment strategy!

The call will be hosted in our Community-Calls voice channel and of course @Poapxyz will be in the house for all those who attend!

As always, don’t forget the Fund is open for business and we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas, potential projects and collaborations. The process is fairly simple and starts out with you filling in our application form here: Application for Nexus Mutual Community Fund grants

And should you have any questions, just schedule some time to chat with us here: Calendly - Kendrea Camacho

Thank you for taking a few minutes with me and remember, “there is no community without you; sure glad you are here!”



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